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Wildflower Turf

Elms is an approved installer of the Wildflower Turf range of products.  Wildflower turf can be used for a variety of uses such as gardens, parks, estates, schools, banking, roofs, verges and urban spaces.

Changing colours throughout the year can be achieved with Wildflower Turf allowing for the creation of stunning wildflower meadows. The flowers in the turf mixes have been carefully chosen to produce flowering plants from early in the spring through to the middle of the autumn.

The grasses in the mix are native to the British Isles and are chosen to complement the flowers and not to compete with them.

The formation of a dense sward and healthy root network mean that this turf acts as a weed blanket where the plants grown in the turf get a head start

Once established has the added advantage of requiring very little maintenance. It will not require fertilizing and only needs cutting in the autumn. During establishment it would need to be watered. Weeding should not be necessary due to the weed blanket affect of the turf.

wildflower meadow
wukdfkiwer lawn
wildflower grass
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